Friday, May 13, 2016

Summer Goals

adjective | con-sis-tent

Definition: Always acting or behaving in the same way. Of the same quality. Continuing to happen or develop in the same way.

Examples of consistent in a sentence

  1. Having two young children at home made it hard for her to be consistent with her blogging. 
  2. I would like to write 3 times a week but alas... I am not consistent.
  3. Burning dinner on the reg...consistent.

Writing for me has always been a creative outlet. I go through phases where I crave the escape from my normal routine. There are mornings I wake up feeling like a robot. Just going through the motions. Get kids up...feed kids...make lunches...walk dogs...feed cat...spill coffee on myself...take kids to school...pick up kids from can be exhausting. Even small tasks like getting the kids out of the car to go into the gym can be daunting. Making it into the gym in one piece is no easy task. People are so crazy to park in the front row they don't care who they take out on the way. I assume they are going to the gym to workout so walking the extra 100 feet or so should not be an issue. The only people who should be parking in the front row are handicapped people. Or moms with like 4+ plus kids. They are basically handicapped.  

With that being said I'm really going to try a lot harder to be consistent in the things that make me feel like a person. I set a reading goal for myself for the summer. I'm attempting to read one book a week in order to cut back on my shitty reality TV shows. I'll let you know if I read anything worth passing along. I'm also going to attempt to write once a week. Hold me to it, please! I also have endless home decor projects that need to be started...and finished. And last but not least I'm going to attempt gardening. Tips on starting gardens are most def welcome. Cheers to the summer!

 Stay tuned. 

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