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Picture This: April 17, 2012

So a few years ago for Christmas I decided I would ask for a new camera. We just found out we were having a baby and I was anticipating taking a million pictures to document my pregnancy and life after the little one. At the time I had a pretty nice digital camera that had been through its fair share of ups and downs. More downs though. This camera spent a lot of time being dropped on the floor of Murphy's/Dirtys/Eskimo Joe's because I thought it was a great opportunity for a photo after over serving myself one to many limeys. The camera survived college but I started to become unhappy with the pictures it was taking. The lighting was always dark in pictures, it made my face look really pale, it always managed to capture me blinking...all these things having nothing to do with user error. It was completely the cameras fault. After a few months of begging and pleading for a new high resolution EOS digital camera, I was pleasantly surprised Christmas morning to see it sitting under the tree. This camera was going to capture every minuet of my life. From my glowing pregnancy to the baby's first smile. It was a new beginning. Here is an example of my first few attempts at using my new camera.

Ohh ya these new fancy cameras have lens caps...who knew.

If you look real close and squint really hard it's a rainbow.

As you can see I'm no Gils Bensimone (think America's Next Top Model or the ex husband of the crazy Kelly Bensimone on Real Housewives of NYC). 

I've had my fancy camera for about a year and a half now. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've used it. Don't get me wrong, Isaac is great at taking pictures and will get it out at every opportunity that comes along. That just means he doesn't get to be in any of the pictures. And that whole argument I made about how I needed this new camera to capture my beautiful pregnancy and the labor/delivery was total bull honky. The first picture I saw of myself pregnant was at about 5 months and it made me cringe. I was not the cute "glowing" mom-to-be I had envisioned. I was tired, swollen, and it looked like I was wearing a fat suit. Trick or treat. I threatened Isaac with his life if he were to ever show anyone pictures of me from my hospital stay after Levi was born. 

So the purpose behind this rant is that I need to start using my camera more often. I don't want it to go into the pile of things "I had to have" but never use (ahem Rollerblades). I busted out the camera last weekend and have to say I was pleased with the results. 



I now have two!! And I took these pictures all by myself with the fancy camera!

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