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Band of Brothers: April 20, 2012

Yesterday while Levi was taking his nap I was trying to get some things done. I have a pretty basic routine which involves washing bottles, picking up Baltos hairballs, restarting the dryer because I don't feel like folding laundry. You know. The usual. I finished all my tasks and decided to check my emails. I have to check my email once every few hours or else I'm likely to miss something really important. For instance, yesterday I logged in at 11:45 and discovered my daily email from Gilt Group. Gilt Group is a website where you can get discounted designer duds for a fraction of the price. Every day at 11:30 they add new designers to the site. I was 15 minuets late checking the site and they had already sold out of the Missoni throw pillows I had my eye on. Cursing the beotches who stole my pillows, I moved on.

After sorting through my important emails and deciding I could live without anything on the Neiman Marcus Midday Dash I did a google search for 98 Degrees. Yes the 90's boy band 98 Degrees. (Side note: I would be really embarrassed if anyone ever checked my google history on my ipad. They would likely find things such as "What to do if your kid swallows a penny," or "Does the frozen yogurt diet really work?" "How many Ounces are in a Pound?") You get the picture. Back to 98 Degrees. I heard a rumor that they were reuniting and I couldn't wait to be the first the get my hands on some tickets. I didn't find any info about this reunion or an upcoming concert schedule but I did stumble upon this headline...

"MTV's fake boy band 2gether plots comeback"

If you don't remember 2gether they had dynamite hits such as "U + Me = Us" and "They hardest part of breaking up is getting back your stuff."

Hearing news about all these boy bands getting back together really has me reminiscing about the good ol' days. Every time I hear a boy band song from the 90's I am reminded of a memory that goes along with it. Boys to Men "End of the Road" is not only a breakup song made famous by Seth getting dumped on the show The OC but  is a song made popular by me getting dumped over a Yak Bak in middle school. A Yak Bak was something you could record your voice on and it would play it back to you with just the push of a button. Kind of like that thing McCauley Culkin uses in Home Alone but smaller. The nerve of that kid. Couldn't dump me to my face so he recorded his voice and had a friend deliver it to my devastated self. I played "End of the Road" on repeat until I got myself a new boyfriend.

Backstreet Boys "Everybody (Backstreets Back)" reminds me of making up ridiculous interpretive dances to the lyrics with some of my besties.

"Now throw your hands up in the air
Wave them around like you just don't care
If you wanna party let me hear you yell (yeahhh)
Cuz we got it goin' on again
Lyrical Geniouses

I was never a straight A student so you can imagine my excitement when 98 Degrees came out with "Give me just one night (Una Noche)." Who needs Spanish class when I had this little gem. All the Spanish I needed!

Don't worry. I didn't forget N*Sync. I'm drawing a blank on N*Sync memories from the past because I had a recent incident with them that is really embarrassing.  A few years ago around Christmas time I was still working in Fort Worth. I ran title for an oil and gas company so my job consisted of a lot of research. The title plant floor I work on in Fort Worth has a million computers where you can get documents/type reports so on. It also has lots of other companies up there doing work. Every once in awhile it would get really loud from people chit chatting or trying to figure out some screwy title so I would listen to my ipod to block out the sound. Like I said, it was Christmas time so obviously I was listening to N*Sync "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays." You know that feeling you get when you think everyone around you is staring at you? They were. Apparently my headphones were not plugged in all the way and this lovely song was playing for everyone else in the rooms enjoyment. I know what your thinking. Wouldn't you be able to hear if the music was playing outside the headphones? My earbuds are kind of ghetto and the sound is always muffled. You better believe new headphones were on my Christmas list that year. I also asked Santa for my job back. (j/k). 

Last night I made Isaac take me to get some frozen yogurt. We get in the car and I excitedly tell him I have a new favorite song I was going to play for him. He gave me the look like "This better not be another Selena Gomez song..." Don't worry. I didn't disappoint. Enjoy.

In case the link didn't work (as you are all well aware of my issues with technology), the song is "What makes you beautiful" by One Direction. Youtube it. My 12 year old self was all over this new boy band. Bravo Simon Cowell! Bravo!

**UPDATE** I still enjoy all things boy band but WTF ZAYN MALIK!!!! Zayn pulled a Justin Timberlake and left 1D in hopes of a solo career. The only thing you have going on for you right now is Gigi Hadid. 

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