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Frozen's whats for dinner: April 25, 2012

Does anyone else HATE grocery shopping? I despise it. I've mentioned before that I am pretty unorganized so making a shopping list is out of the question. Don't get me wrong I've made plenty of lists. I usually just forget them on the counter or leave them in the car which has happened so many times I just stopped making them. 

Grocery shopping was something I struggled with before Levi was born so you can imagine how productive I am now that I have a kid with me. Our trips to the store go a little something like this.

We pull into the Walmart parking lot and I immediately start itching. I like to think of myself as more of a Wholefoods type of girl but Isaac thinks organic is BS and too expensive (plus Wholefoods is an extra 20 minuet drive). I get the baby out of the car and attempt to put him into a shopping cart. He is usually kicking and wiggling his legs so much that it takes 4 attempts to get him into the seat. Of course I picked the cart that sounds like it was made in the 1920's with the wheel that's ready to fall off. Next stop is the cart sanitizing station. I'm like Howie Mandel when it comes to germs so it takes me about 3 minuets to wipe down the cart with disinfectant wipes.

First up is the produce section. I grab an onion and continue on my merry way.

Next we go to the frozen entree section. I patiently wait for the woman in front of me to grab her lean cuisines and get out of my way. I went through a phase after Levi was born where all I ate was Lean Cuisine eggrolls. It was the only thing that sounded appetizing and I obviously had about a 3rd grader to lose in weight so I stocked the fridge with them. Just a little tip for people trying to lose weight. Lean Cuisines don't work if you eat 5 at a time. It's finally my turn to browse the Lean Cuisines and I'm pissed because the glass window is all fogged up. Standing there shaking from all the cold air blasting into my face it takes me 6 minuets to discover that the lady before me got the last of the eggrolls. Ugh.

Strolling through the aisles I grab some chicken broth, can of Rotel, couple bags of string cheese, baked lays and whatever is left of the Chobani selection all the while making a mental note "Do not forget scotch tape do not forget scotch tape do not forget scotch tape..." 

20 painful minuets later and a kid who is about to have a meltdown I'm ready to check out. I pick the line that takes an hour to get through which is actually not a bad thing because it gives me some time to brush up on the news. I was really happy to learn Jessica Simpson finally had that baby. She was pregnant for like 2 years (side note: I was talking to my sister Brooke that night and she informs me that Jessica is in fact STILL pregnant. US Weekly totally made this story up).

So we get home and I'm ready to get started on dinner. Looks like we'll be having some chicken broth soup with sliced onions to jazz it up! Side of Baked Lays? Don't mind if I do! Isaac really hit the jackpot marrying me huh? Yesterday was actually his birthday so I go to wrap his gift and realize I FORGOT THE SCOTCH TAPE. Seriously?

Ripped from the pages of Martha Stewart

That night as I'm going to sleep I get a text message from an unknown number. This is what is says. 

Keep your $ scam artist! I'm never going back!

If any of you nice folks want to redeem my $1000 gift card feel free. Just make sure you add your Social Security number so that when they are stealing your identity they don't have to go through to much trouble. 

**Update** I literally don't think i've been back to Wally World since I wrote this. And praise the LORD for food delivery services that made their debut around 2014 like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated! If you don't know what these are do a quick google. Game changer. 

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