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This is why we don't get you nice things: April 18, 2012

This past month Isaac and I went to see a couple movies. We don't get out much so this was a nice treat. The first one we saw was The Hunger Games. We both read the books and were pretty pumped about catching it on the big screen. Actually, I take that back. I never finished the third book. I have a history of reading books in a series and never finishing the last book. I did this with Harry Potter, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Twilight, and LA Candy by Lauren Conrad. Riveting choice in reading material right? Teen trilogies are a little more my speed. Don't ask me why I never finish them it's just a weird thing I do...

On both movie outings Isaac decided to wear his "nice" shorts. If you know my husband at all you know he doesn't really care about spending money on nice clothes for himself (I on the other hand have no problem spending money on nice things...) Most of his clothes consist of work attire and yard work attire. The few outfits he wears out in public are usually things I picked out for him for special occasions. The "nice" shorts I was referring to above were actually something Isaac picked out from JCrew that I liked and gave him the green light to buy.

As we were leaving The Hunger Games we got into the car and Isaac noticed that the entire lap of his "nice" shorts were covered in butter stains from the popcorn. Rookie move. I never wear nice clothes to movies for this reason. I started to panic wondering how I was going to get these stains out. I knew if I couldn't get them out he would either keeping wearing them with the giant grease stains OR choose an alternative. There are very few options of socially acceptable alternatives.

These lovely shorts were picked out from the local Goodwill. Isaac likes to work out in the yard in them. Yes, they are cargo shorts. Yes, they have an elastic waistband with a drawstring to tighten them up. If you look really close you can see two pieces of Velcro on the top left. That is all that's left of what used to be a pocket. The pocket, for your convenience could come off if you needed it to. He purchased the shorts with that pocket missing. Someone at Goodwill really hit the jackpot with that find. 

The second pair you see are sweatshorts (is that even a word?). They were purchased as an alternative to this gray pair of sweatshorts that Isaac made by cutting up an old pair of sweatpants. The gray sweatpant shorts were so ugly they hurt my feelings. Last summer on a trip to Beaver Creek Isaac discovered these fancy sweat shorts in one of the local tourist shops. I decided they were slightly more appealing than the gray ones and said they were OK to purchase. He wears them everyday.

I don't have a picture of the next pair i'm about to describe but thats probably a good thing. 4 years ago Isaac and a buddy went to good will in search of the ugliest jeans they could find. They eventually turned the jeans into jorts (jorts = jean shorts). These jorts wouldn't have fit a 3rd grader so you can imagine how sexy they looked on a grown man.They rocked the jorts our entire springbreak and I will continue to be emotionally scarred for life. Do you still have your jorts Andy?

Now do you see my dilema?

I give Isaac a hard time about these things and most the time i'm only half serious. I really don't care what he wears around the house as he is very productive. It's when we leave the house that it's a different story. Like the time we were going to a Thunder game and he wanted to wear his Kevin Durant Jersey without a shirt under it. I politely told him that he does not play for the Oklahoma City Thunder therefor he needs to wear a shirt under the jersey. End of discussion.

In case you were wondering I did get the butter stains out of the nice shorts...two weeks later he ruined them again at Wrath of the Titans 3D. Ugh. 

Isaac is still ruining shorts. We don't get out to see all that many movies these days but he has no problem staining them at home with greasy pizza fingers.

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