Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pretty Little Liars

We spent the fourth of July up at Grand lake this year. Levi and Noah had a great time swimming and playing outside and cruising around on the boat. The break from our usual groundhog day schedule was much needed. Both boys celebrated birthdays in the few weeks leading up to the fourth and as you can imagine life at the Jacobson casa was a little crazy. Although turning 4 makes him a year older, I'm not sure it made Levi any wiser as he put his arts festival bow through a 55' flat screen TV in his playroom. I was checking Facebook folding laundry in the hall outside the playroom when I heard the smash.

"What happened!?!?" -me

"Noah did it."-Levi

Noah was actually nowhere near the crime scene and Levi's nose was growing by the second. I sent him to his room until he could come clean about what actually happened to the TV.

 I don't encourage lying to my kids but I have to say he is not the first one in the family to blame something on Noah.

**Stop reading now Isaac** 

I went through a phase where I kept cracking the screen on my iPhone. It probably happened 700 times in a span of 6 months. I was out one day jogging with Noah in his stroller when I went to change the song on my playlist, hit a speed bump with the stroller and it flew out of my hands yet again shattering the screen. I told Isaac that the baby threw it and that was how the screen broke.

So after almost an entire day in his room Levi finally owned up to the TV situation.  I consider this a win. Minus the broken TV.

Loading up for a boat ride

Boating babies

One of these days everyone will look at the camera

Sweet boy

Checking out the sunset

Watching fireworks

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